“Draw Your Own DX Man” and Win Big Prizes!

Owning a loyal worldwide fan base, DX is proud to announce a new rewards game for all dear friends, titled “Draw Your Own DX Man”. Its theme is “Grab a magic brush and let your imagination go wild!”

Entry and participation is easy, fast and fun. Technically the only thing you need to participate in the campaign is your imaginative and DIY abilities.

Application Requirements:

  • Only DX registered users are eligible to apply.
  • Please note that the deadline for application is October 10th, 2012.
  • How to participate: upload a photo of your DX MAN onto flickr, and share it with us through email.
  • The vote officially begins November 10th and ends on December 10th, 2012.
  • Please note the DX MAN model is of a limited quantity and only 1000 DX models will be sent out.
  • Applicants with orders valued over $30 from January 1st, 2012 to October 1st, 2012 will be given priority on available DX MAN models.


The first 50 winners will be selected according to the votes and will be awarded a lucky bag worth $100.

Warm prompt

Winners will be informed of shipping details via email, so make sure your DX account email address is up to date.



Great prizes, great fun and an innovative way to reward DX users! Come and join it!

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