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Getting to know more friends will never be a bad thing. If you are interestied in DX, and have your own blog with some fans, welcome to exchange your link with DX. Please submit your link information by leaving the comments here with the format below.

Rules Regarding Links:
1.Your Blog have to be updated often

2.We will appriciate the web sites containing content that online shopping experience, product review and information of discount or other related informtion.

3.NO eroticism, NO violence, and NO illegality in your Blog.

4. DealExtreme assumes no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to links to this official blog.

5.The logo marks, trademarks, etc., of DealExtreme may not be used in the Web sites, printed materials, etc., of third parties (whether individuals or corporations), regardless of purpose or length of duration, without the consent of DealExtreme.

The Format of Link Exchange Submition:
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3.The URL of the link exchange page (the page which you would like to put our blog link in):

Do not worry, your private information will be secured by us.

How to exchange the link of DX Blog? Simply follow the easy steps below:

1. Choose a graphic or text below.
2. Highlight the code under the graphic or text.
3. Copy the code (usually Ctrl+C).
4. Open your page with any text editor.
5. Paste the code into your page (usually Ctrl+V).
6. Save your page.

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